Conditional License NY

Drivers may be eligible in Buffalo ny for a Pre-Conviction Conditional License, or a Post-Conviction Conditional License, so long as they are eligible to participate in the Impaired Driver Program (IDP). Pre-Conviction Conditional Licenses are for those drivers that have been suspended pending prosecution and no hardship license has been granted. This is issued 30 days after arraignment. Post-Conviction Conditional Licenses are for those drivers that have been suspended or revoked after being convicted for DWAI or DWI (if you are not convicted, and you had refused the breath test, you are not eligible for a conditional license for the year that the DMV revoked your license for refusing). A driver is NOT eligible for the Drinker Driver Program if they took the program within the last five (5) years, or was offered the program in the last five (5) years and did not participate. The Conditional License is a limited use license. A conditional license is not valid for driving a vehicle that requires a Commercial Driver License (CDL), even if the driver possesses a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities.

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If you Receive a Conditional Lice in New York you may: (1) To work and back, and during work if driving is part of your job, (2) To class and back, at an accredited school or college, (3) To transport your child to and from a child care facility or school when necessary to maintain your employment, or your enrollment in an accredited school or college, (4) To the Impaired Driver Program (IDP) and back, and any required evaluation or treatment, (5) To the DMV and back for your DMV business, (6) To Probation and/or Court Ordered activities and back, (7) To and from medical examinations or treatment for you or a member of your family, (8) During the three-hour weekly period set forth on your conditional license.

Conditional License NY

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