Felony Charges

All felonies are categorized as being a serious crime. Felonies as crimes punishable by imprisonment in excess of a year. Felony charges in New York State are prosecuted with a great deal of ferocity. It is a difficult fight to get felony charges in NY lowered as prosecutors tend to have strict guidelines when it comes to plea bargaining. Generally New York is going to see to it that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. New York State Felonies range from Class "A" to Class "E". Class "E" felonies are the lowest felony charge available and usually associated with serious crimes that did not warrant a higher felony charge. Common Class ā€œEā€ felonies are Theft, Assault, DWI Second Offense, and Aggravated Harassment. A Class "E" felony sentence might be 2-5 years in prison, depending upon the circumstances of the case.

What Rights Do Felons Lose

(i) Right to Vote, (ii) Right to Purchase or Possess a Firearm, (iii) Right to Sit on a Jury, (iv) Possible Loss of Employment, (v) Possible Loss of Professional Licenses, (vi) Can No Longer be the Executor of an Estate.

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